Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 2 & 3

Day 3: 8th Jan

Weight: Still too much, but happier

Goal Weight: 28kg less

Total lost: 2.5kg – Happy days.

Breakfast: 200g yoghurt

Snack: Biltong 100g

2cd Breakfast: Omelette with mushrooms (decided I have lost enough to introduce veg).

Snack: 100g Boerewors (South African trad. Sausage)

Snack: 100g Biltong

Dinner: Chicken and veg

Not the end of the day: Really pleased with my weight loss, feeling happy and lighter and my tummy is flatter too. Though I do think I ate too much red meat (biltong and boerewors). But I went a long time between 2cd breakfast and the boerewors. 


Day 2: 7th Jan 2013

Weight: TOO MUCH

Goal Weight: 28 kilograms less than TOO MUCH

Total Lost: 1.9kg

Breakfast – 200g Yoghurt

Snack – Biltong 100g (I’m South African – this is dried, spiced meat)

Lunch – 155g Prawns and 20 little beef frikkadels

Snack – Way too much diet coke, I have the shakes from the caffeine. 

Dinner – 3 eggs

End of the day feelings: Happy that I have made it through the day, I still need to exercise and have dinner. But generally pleased with myself, this is such a long journey, I’m trying to focus on each day and just be proud of that day.

End of the end of the day: Didn’t exercise :(

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