Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 1: 6th Jan 2013

Weight: TOO MUCH

Goal Weight: 28 kilograms less than TOO MUCH

Weight Lost: 1.1kg

Goal 1 – 10kg full stop

Goal 2 - 13kg by birthday – the BIG 3 5 – 17 March 2013

Goal 3 – 15kg – my official Mommy Weight

Goal 4 – 20kg – Holy crap that would be wonderful

Goal 5 – 28kg – I will wear my wedding dress for a day

So this glorious journey was meant to start on the 1st. I was doing alright until I realised that my period had not started …. And of course I think I’m pregnant. But as it turns out my body was playing a very mean trick on me. I am a little broody, even with two children, who drive me to drink, being on antidepressants due to stress and anxiety and I have had post natal depression twice. So I’m a very stupid candidate for a third kid. But I got excited. Tried to follow the consolidation phase of the Dukan diet, ate a kilogram of biscuits and generally didn’t do well. But the cruel trick is over, I’m not pregnant and I’m ready to try again ….. and again and again.

Breakfast – 3 eggs - Tick

Exercise - 15 min on the Eliptical Trainer - 137 calories - very pleased - Tick
Snack – Biltong 80g (I’m South African – this is dried, spiced meat) - Tick

Lunch – 7 chicken slices - Tick

Snack – Yoghurt 200g - Tick

Dinner – Mince - Tick - cheated, the mince has some baby marrow in it (3 calories, don't think it will be a problem)
Snack - Low fat salmon flavoured cottage cheese - Tick

Lots of Water and Rooibos tea with milk …. Ooooo and diet coke … cause I’m not pregnant.

End of the day: So I started the day super psyched and I'm ending the day with a headache and with the want to go to bed and sleep, so I'm not tempted to cheat. Sigh, I'm so bad at diets. But at least day 1 is almost over and has been successful. 

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